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Green Sand Metalcasting Foundry News

Green Sand Publications from the American Foundry Society

Posted by Hill and Griffith Company on Nov 10, 2020 9:12:14 PM

The 2019 AFS Publications Catalog just came out and there are many titles that can help you with Green Sand and Permanent Mold metalcasting applications.

Mold & Core Coatings Manual, 3rd Edition
This third edition of the Mold & Core Coatings Manual was prepared by the AFS Mold-Metal Interface Reactions Committee. It was originally published in 1982 and revised in 2000. This edition of the popular book updates information on coating selection, process control of coatings, manufacturing and control testing, application and drying methods, test methods, and adds a chapter on coating-related defects. The chapter on health considerations had been revised and updated with the most current information. A bibliography and glossary also are in this edition.

Green Sand Coatings Related Defects AFS
Coatings-Related Casting Defects Wall Chart
This full-color wall chart is intended to aid in classifying coating defects in metal castings, suggest potential causes and offer various solutions. It will prove to be an invaluable resource in helping to produce consistent high-qual­ity castings. The chart is organized with 12 full-color photos of the coating defect or imperfection, definition, possible causes, and potential solutions. The defects or imperfections included are: Cratering/Fish Eyes/Bubbles, Brush Mark, Excess Coating, Scabs/Inclusions, Orange Peel, Tear Drops, Ero­sion, Veining, Metal Penetration, Coating Retention, Blows (Gas Defects), and Spalling. In addition, a QR code is on the chart, which, when scanned, will link the user to additional resources on coatings-related defects.

Principals of Green Sand Control AFS

Principles of Sand Control
Sand processing is a unique combination of art and science. Most generally accepted principles of sand control have been shaped by a combination of practical experience and scientific study. Principles of Sand Control is based on both fundamental and current metalcasting practices, making this a publi­cation that is practical for the novice as well as the experienced individual.

Aluminum Permanent Mold handbook AFS
Aluminum Permanent Mold Handbook
The Aluminum Permanent Mold Handbook was created to fill the need for information on the increased application of permanent mold castings. These expanded casting applications are a direct result of advances in the process technology and of the enhanced knowledge of this process by today's design engineers. Members of the AFS Aluminum Division Technical Committee 2E, Permanent Mold Practices, were responsible for the development of this handbook. Foundry personnel, design engineers, and process engineers will benefit from this handbook. Highlights include alloy selection; process variations with typ­ical parts applications; manual, semi-automated or fully automated castings processes; casting defect causes and remedies; and computer simulation.

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