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GRIFLUBE® Bio-Syn Biodegradable Hydraulic Fluid

Posted by Hill and Griffith Company on May 14, 2019 9:57:00 AM

GRIFLUBE® Bio-Syn will readily biodegrade as defined by OECD 301 C; and will easily exceed the 60% minimum biodegradability standard, converting CH3-CH2 molecular groups to CO2 within a maximum of 7 days, which exceeds the biodegradability rate of any polyether or polyol ester type fluid.

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Hill and Griffith is pleased to submit the following technical information on our Factory Mutual approved fire resistant GRIFLUBE® Bio-Syn hydraulic fluid, as the proactive chemistry of choice for high production foundries, steel mills, casting operations, refineries, and any application which might be predisposed to elevated temperature extremes and have the potential for fire. GRIFLUBE® Bio-Syn was researched and designed as a superior biodegradable fire resistant hydraulic fluid, in comparison to conventional polyol esters, PAG/polyethers, and especially phosphate esters; to offer greater latitude relative to toxicological and environmental compliance, enhanced fire resistance, and maximum lubrication value, for extended wear characteristics in vane and axial piston pumps.

Hill and Griffith's GRIFLUBE® Bio-Syn will successfully run in precision hydraulic systems exceeding pressures of 5000 psi, and those sensitive applications which may incorporate servo valves without problems, including any shearing down or varnishing at elevated temperatures, as has been witnessed with some polyol ester chemistries. In addition, Bio-Syn will provide the necessary boundary lubrication and anti-wear properties to maintain a very low coefficient of friction, registering less than 4 mg total weight loss on an ASTM 2882 test, while maintaining a minimum viscosity index of 215, permitting optimal temperature fluctuation while minimizing viscosity differential.

GRIFLUBE® Bio-Syn is inherently fire resistant and, in accordance with Factory Mutual Research parameters. It has a flash point exceeding 550° F. and a fire point exceeding 650° F. Bio-Syn was originally Factory Mutual certified under a Group I classification, given the stringent Spray Flammability Parameter protocol, with a flash and fire point that typically exceed those of conventional polyol esters, polyglycols, and phosphate ester type fluids. GRIFLUBE® Bio-Syn is completely compatible with most polyol esters which are regarded in good condition, thus ensuring a straight-forward conversion by simply topping off.

Given the inherent constraints of an unforgiving casting environment, GRIFLUBE® Bio-Syn will allow for a maximum degree of latitude in reliability of maintenance, in applications ranging from continuous casters to hot strip mills, where fire resistance is an imperative priority. Hill and Griffith's GRIFLUBE® Bio-Syn has now been implemented in over 92 casting facilities, in applications ranging from Disa, Herman, Hunter, Osborn, Sinto, Spomatic, and Wagner molding systems; to Ajax, Brown Boveri / ABP, lnductotherm, and Lindberg melt furnaces; to Action, Andromat, Clansman, EMI, and Lamberton manipulators.

As with all of our hydraulic fluids, we endeavor to maintain a discernibly higher degree of cleanliness standard than most conventional brands of hydraulic fluids, which approximates servo-valve dictates and are delivered in brand new tote bladders to help preclude any possibility of cross contamination from other fluid chemistries. This higher standard of cleanliness will only help optimize the over-all efficiency and dependability within all sensitive hydraulic components, given the close dynamic clearances involved, while helping to ensure minimization of internal leakage.

GRIFLUBE® Bio-Syn will readily biodegrade as defined by OECD 301 C; and will easily exceed the 60% minimum biodegradability standard, converting CH3-CH2 molecular groups to CO2 within a maximum of 7 days, which exceeds the biodegradability rate of any polyether or polyol ester type fluid.

Finally, Bio-Syn offers superior compatibility with conventional seals, i.e. high Nitrile Buna N, which will help minimize leakage and premature degradation of expensive static pump seals and dynamic cylinder seals. Bio-Syn's toxicological degree of safety is exemplified in its conformance for incidental contact with food; and also affords superlative efficiency in waste treatment, in comparison to most synthetic chemistries.

We appreciate your interest in this proactive fire resistant hydraulic fluid, for those applications where a 24/7 production pace is the expectation rather than the exception; and where the primary objective is to effectively minimize premature component failures and subsequent downtime. Our comprehensive technical and analytical support is always available to help monitor and maintain the optimum integrity of our hydraulic fluid, while ensuring the long-term dependability of your hydraulic operations.

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