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Leave Coremaking to the Experts

Posted by Hill and Griffith Company on Jul 21, 2020 4:16:58 PM

Excerpt from the January 2013 Foundry Management & Technology article.

"Core cost averaging" and allowing foundries to do what they do best

Many foundries believe that they can produce cores merely for the price of sand and resin. That would be an ideal way for any business to operate, but the truth is that coremaking expertise carries a cost. At Humtown Products we have spent hundreds of hours calculating costs and striving to become the most efficient core room in the country, which now allows us to deliver quality cores across the country, on time, every time.

To foundries that believe buying cores from expert suppliers is too expensive we reply, "core cost averaging." If your foundry is falling behind on coremaking efficiency and you fear losing a customer, try this: Build us a box. Let us run some of the cores, and your core room can run as many as possible. This will allow you to ship the order and lower the average cost of cores. Foundries are in the business to pour metal, and no molding lines should be idled because there are no 'affordable' cores ready to set.

Coremaking - Core Cost Averaging

Humtown Products provides coremaking solutions. This may involve locating new production equipment (for an emergency re-sourcing project) or running tooling over a holiday shutdown. An automotive foundry had over 10 large George Fischer tools that needed to be converted for our B&P CB-50. After quoting the work, we realized the change would require the automaker to shut down an engine line, meaning the costs would be unacceptable. After researching the equipment, we found three machines and committed to installing them in less than four weeks, to run cores for the customer. That project proved Humtown Products' customer commitment.

Another advantage to foundries engaging expert core suppliers is the availability of almost every core machine without the capital investment cost of installing. Customers and their orders will come and go, but sitting on idle core machines is not an option for foundries: they compete best by pouring metal.

Another option for some foundries is to engage a coremaking service until the proper equipment is installed: they can serve their customers better by starting a job sooner.

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