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Join Today - American Foundry Society - Future Leaders of Metalcasting

Posted by Hill and Griffith Company on Aug 31, 2017 4:38:18 PM

Future Leaders of Metalcasting (FLM)

The AFS Future Leaders in Metalcasting (FLM) is an AFS program designed to assist in continually developing the next generation of leaders.  FLM supports and strengthens the network of the next generation of leadership through personal development and outreach. All members must be members of AFS who are on or aspire to be on the management track at their firm. Through two meetings per year, members have access to networking events, executive skills training and community outreach. Given the continuous need for leadership development in our dynamic industry, FLM plays an essential role in the sustainability of the industry.

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The Next FLM Meeting is October 16-18, 2017 at General Motors–Defiance Casting Operations, Defiance, Ohio. Click here for more information and to register. 

Future Leaders in Metalcasting: Going Boldly into the Future: Recap from the last FLM gathering at the 121st Congress in Milwaukee.

  • Executive Development Program: FLM members have access to a program focusing on strategic planning, human resources, finance, marketing, sales, technology, and personal and professional development. 
  • Student Outreach: Every FLM meeting includes outreach to help recruit the next generation of talent to the industry.  
  • Personal Networking: The group offers the value of interaction with other like individuals working together to grow as executives. Your network to the next generation of leaders.
  • Professional Networking: As the saying goes, two heads are better than one. Working together, executives from facilities across the U.S. provide an exchange of ideas and experiences as they work toward improving their operation.

Upcoming meetings.

FLM Officers:

Megan Kirsh - Kirsh Foundry
Steve Sikorski - Magma Foundry Technologies
Kendal Spurgin - Simpson Technologies Corp
Jordan Brown - Bremen Castings Inc.

Interested in being involved with the Future Leaders of Metalcasting? Email Cathy Potts, AFS Director of Human Resources & Administrative Services, at cpotts@afsinc.org for more information.

Join FLM on CastingConnection.


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FLM performs outreach with Foundry in a Box at Henry Scott Middle School, Denison, TX

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