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Metalworking and Machining Lubricants and Fluids

Posted by Hill and Griffith Company on Nov 23, 2018 5:26:40 PM

The Hill and Griffith Company is a member of the Independent Lubricant Manufacturers Association.

Since 1948, the Independent Lubricant Manufacturers Association (ILMA) has been the voice of member companies that produce more than a quarter of the nation's automotive lubricants and three-quarters of its metalworking fluids for customers who use their products to improve performance and increase efficiency.

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Transcript from the video,

"This economy doesn't exist without lubricants. People have to drive their cars to work. They need lubricants. They need to make things. For machines to operate, they need lubricants.

My company, when I first started was less than 50 employees. A very small company and it's really for the small independent lubricant manufacturers that we exist. That's why we started 66 years ago.

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The family, being a smaller business, doesn't always get general representation out there, so many of us have to come together as one voice.

Our industry's not just a national industry, it's international. There's a lot of teamwork involved.

For me, ILMA is how I network. I mean there's another organization I belong to but you don't really have that opportunity. This is it. This is the only organization that allows you to do that.

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The ILMA Annual Meeting is the event of the year for people in the lubricant business.

It helped us to expand our contacts within the industry, both with major suppliers and with meeting our major competitors.

A lot of the meetings are the latest and greatest information that's going on, so it's very important to come and learn about these things from the industry professionals.

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If some were on the fence about joining ILMA, I would say, you gotta be here.

One thing I've loved about ILMA over the years is that they want to foster solutions. So we don't always just sit around talking about the problems.

Several years ago, ILMA started an ethics program because a lot of people were frustrated with what was going on in the industry. Some people weren't playing exactly by the rules so we wanted to make sure that at least all ILMA members, they had agreed to play by the rules. We went about hiring a third party consultant that was tasked with going out and finding products in the marketplace and then testing those against industry specifications.

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And so what that means is that customers that buy from an ILMA member know that they're getting what they're paying for.

The ILMA Code of Ethics not only addresses the products that we make but how we do business. How we treat our employees, how we treat each other, how we treat our customers.

And ILMA has been in the forefront of working with agencies in Washington like OSHA and the EPA, and of course in Congress. And when ILMA speaks, people listen." 

Industrial Lubricant News From ILMA

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