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The Metal Casting Foundry Holiday Gift Giving Season is Right Around The Corner

Posted by Hill and Griffith Company on Sep 26, 2018 10:52:42 AM

Here are the top ten metal casting books available in the American Foundry Society (AFS) bookstore

The AFS has compiled a list of the top 10 books purchased in the 2018 fiscal year. If you've purchased a book from AFS, thank you! If you haven't, check out what your friends in the industry are reading.


The top 10 bestsellers of 2018

1. Casting Defects Handbook: Iron & Steel

The first edition of the AFS Casting Defects Handbook was considered the go-to pocket reference for metalcasting personnel worldwide for more than 35 years. This edition has been rewritten by George Goodrich in conjunction with the American Foundry Society (AFS) Cast Iron Division and the Steel Division to provide the metalcasting industry with updates to reflect the changes in foundry technology.

2. International Atlas of Casting Defects

Categorized by an international identification system, the International Atlas of Casting Defects is comprehensive volume that identifies 111 casting defects with 283 photos and 137 drawings. The system used for classifying defects is based on a physical description of the defect. It permits identification either by direct observation of the casting or from a description of the defect involving the shape, appearance, location and dimensions.

3. Mold & Core Test Handbook, 4th Edition 

The American Foundry Society has long been committed to creating and maintaining procedures for mold and core testing. This updated version of the AFS Mold and Core Test Handbook is the direct result of dedicated foundry sand control testing and research that dates back to 1921. It is the product of the faithful and purposeful work of AFS Division 4 Molding Methods & Materials Division committee members.

4. Aluminum Casting Technology, 3rd Edition

The book, “Aluminum Casting Technology,” has become one of the key resources for aluminum metalcasting personnel throughout North America and the world. The aluminum shape casting industry has grown considerably over the past 25 years with many expanded product applications, especially in the automotive sector. Aluminum casting usage in the military, aerospace, electronics industries, and other commercial applications also have grown as light-weighting and energy conservation have gained momentum, taking advantage of aluminum’s inherent benefits. Correspondingly, many advances have occurred in aluminum casting process science and technology during that time. This new Third Edition builds on the previous volume, but with many upgrades and additions.

5. Improving the Effectiveness of Visual Inspection 

Ted Schorn has over 35 years of quality experience in automotive, aerospace and medical fields. Schorn is also Vice President of Quality and Technology at Enkei America, Inc., where he's worked for the last 29 years. Schorn's experience in the field of quality led him to write a book that is based on his first-hand experience in examining different methods of improving visual inspection procedures to minimize and/or eliminate quality issues in manufactured products.

6. Metalcasting Principles & Techniques, soft cover

The same book as the hardcover edition presented in a softcover version. "Metalcasting Principles & Techniques" is comprised of teaching and lecture material developed during many decades at the University level as part of manufacturing/metallurgical curriculum. Its objective is to serve as a primary textbook for the beginners- undergraduate students at Universities, the educational program of the metalcasting industry at the college level, vocational schools, community colleges, four-year technology schools and traditional engineering school students. The book is also recommended as instructional tool for metalcasting facilities to train new employees, for suppliers to learn more about metalcasting and for libraries as reference material. The material contained in this textbook summarizes known basics and compliments them with the latest developments in all areas of metalcasting technique, technology and quality testing.

7. Gating & Risering, 2nd Edition 

The second edition of the Basic Principles of Gating & Risering is designed for beginner and intermediate students in both basic and applied science of foundry practice. It focuses on those aspects of the scientific element with regard to metal flow and solidification and emphasizes principles and use rather than theory, and offers functional explanations rather than formal rules. The formal aspects of principles are included where appropriate (in discussing fluid flow and heat transfer) with more emphasis on the development of sound design considerations.

8. Casting Defects Handbook: Aluminum & Aluminum Alloys

In Casting Defects Handbook: Aluminum & Aluminum Alloys," many of the common types of casting defects encountered in the production of aluminum alloy castings are presented. These defects are categorized by production method: sand-casting, permanent mold, high pressure diecasting, low pressure, investment, plaster and lost foam, with possible causes and, in some cases, prevention techniques listed.

Looking for a different book? Click HERE to browse the 150 titles available in the AFS Store.

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