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Review of American Foundry Society's "Core Processes"

Posted by Hill and Griffith Company on Feb 5, 2019 3:45:49 PM

An editorial review of AFS's "Core Processes" Chapter from the "Casting Buyer's Guide"

Hill and Griffith specializes in compounds and coatings for Green Sand Foundry Process patterns and cores. This post highlights a few parts of the "Casting Buyer's Guide" chapter two on "Core Processes." With a better understanding of cores, you will understand our diverse product selection.
"One of the reasons castings are so widely used in all types of applications is due to the great design flexibility to form the internal shape of a casting which is inherent in a variety of processes available to produce a core.
The core, which is usually a pre-formed sand aggregate (metal for die casting), is inserted into the mold to shape the interior of a casting or that part of a casting which cannot be shaped by the pattern. The core is located and held in the mold by core pockets, formed by the pattern. In areas where the core may be thin in cross-section or require additional support to maintain metal wall thickness, chaplets are used.

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