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To Develop Organizational Leadership, Build a Deep Bench

Posted by Lieutenant Colonel Chad Storlie on Sep 18, 2018 2:38:32 PM

"The U.S. Army shows that commanders lead because of the skills developed and executed three levels below," Lieutenant Colonel Chad Storlie, Retired. Article in Sep 8, 2018 Foundry Management and Technology Magazine Newsletter


During the first six years of my U.S. Army service I had been a member of four different battalions (i.e., about 700 soldiers organized into four sub units) and two combat-arms branches. I also evaluated leaders from six different battalions, and had moved around the world and the United States. Military training had taught me that the commander, the senior officer in charge of a military organization, determined "the quality" of a unit. However, even my limited experience had taught me that the real strength of an organization is found three to four levels down from the commander: Junior leaders in any organization make an organization great, or cause its eventual failure.

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