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"S" - Glossary of Foundry Additives (Including Southern (calcium) Bentonite)

Posted by Hill and Griffith Company on Jul 25, 2018 3:32:50 PM

S - Foundry Additives Glossary

This oil is not as popular as other plant oils used in core oil formulas. Safflower is a plant native to the East Indies, Asia, and Egypt. The oil is pressed from the seeds of the plant. It is used sparingly in foundry core oils.

The common name for sodium chloride is "salt." The mineral name is "halite." Its chemical formula is (NaCl). It is used in the foundry to harden core and mold coatings so as to give a glaze to mold and core surfaces. Salt is used to glaze refractories such as ladles, linings, and as an addition to clays and other clay-like minerals to lessen their viscosity when used with water slurries. The Moh's hardness of salt is very low, only 2.5. Its specific gravity is 2.1 to 2.6. It has a melting point of 1472° F. (800 ° C.). Expendable cores are made from salt brines for use as cores in casting light metal, such as aluminum. Wonderful results have been obtained with the use of salt cores. Salt brines are used in the quenching of metals. Salt has a world-wide use, but it is not commonly used in sand mixtures of the foundry.

Sand is a specific particle size of grains, rocks, or minerals. Sand is a size, not a mineral. It is formed in nature by winds, water action, and other elements of the weather. Sand composes much of the earth's surface. The most useful and commercial sand found for use in the foundry is silica, but other materials such as zircon, chromite, olivine, silicon carbide, or ceramic materials may be called "sand," if they are of that "size." There are more sand foundries in the United States than those casting by any other process. Metal cast into sand molds comprises 96% of the total foundry industry. Die casting into metal molds represents about 3%. All other methods account for the balance of 1%. Silica sand is perhaps the best known sand used in the foundry for making molds, cores and refractories, but there are many minerals used as "foundry sand." (Also See: CHAMOTTE-CHROMITE-FOUNDRY SAND-HEVI-SAND­MOLDING SAND-NATURALLY BONDED SAND-OLIVINE -SILICA-SILICA SAND-SILICON CARBIDE-SYNTHETIC SAND-TENNESSEE SAND-ZIRCON SAND.)

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