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"V" - Glossary of Foundry Additives (Including Vegetable Core Oils)

Posted by Hill and Griffith Company on Aug 21, 2018 3:51:12 PM

V - Foundry Additives Glossary

These are oils obtained from plants. They are used in the foundry as drying oils, as lubricants, and for other purposes. Examples of vegetable oils are linseed oil, cottonseed oil, olive oil, palm oil, and castor oil. The chief distinction between vegetable oils and fats is physical. Oils are fluid at ordinary temperatures. Vegetable oils can be thickened by oxidation, or more simply by blowing air through them. They may be hydrogenated by passing hydrogen gas through them. in the presence of a catalyst. Foundry oils contain a large quantity of the vegetable oils sold.


Vermiculite is a foliated mineral which is an alteration product of biotite and other micas. Its specific gravity is 2.3 and its Moh's hardness is 1.5. Vermiculite when calcined at 1750°F. (954°C.) expands into a fluffy mass. Its volume increases as much as 15 times. It is therefore used as an insulating material and 1% finely ground vermiculite is used limitedly in core and molding sand mixtures. It is not widely used because less expensive cellulose like Five Star wood flour and Cellflo do the job as well. Vermiculite and perlite are used to insulate hot liquid metal held in ladles and furnaces as well as to collect slags in ladles. Finely ground vermiculite is used in refractory coatings and mold washes where insulation is demanded.

A commercial natural rosin prepared for use as a foundry binder.

Is a high quality western bentonite accepted by the foundry in­dustry as its standard. It is produced and shipped from Upton, Wyoming; Belle Fourche, South Dakota; and Lovell, Wyoming. It is prepared after careful selection and mining, by drying, granulating, powdering, air separating and sizing which foundries have found best suited for their needs. Volclay is chemically unchanged and is not adulterated with unwanted chemicals. No. 200 Volclay is recom­mended for use in all types of molding sand mixtures and for the casting of all metals. It is prominently used in casting steel, malleable, ductile (nodular or S.G.) foundries, medium to heavy gray iron found­ries and many non-ferrous alloys. 5% by weight Volclay is generally added to 95% unbonded sand for base sand mixtures. From 2% to 3.5% moisture content is mulled into Volclay bonded sand mixtures, but the grade of sand, the surface area of the sand and the mulling procedures dictate the amount of temper water required. MX-80 Volclay is a prominent granular western bentonite. It is preferred by many foundries for specific purposes and uses. This dust free MX-80 Volclay has found favorable acceptance where undesired exhaust and ­dust systems at the muller remove the expensive additives. 

Review of "Glossary of Foundry Additives" by Clyde A. Sanders, American Colloid Company

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