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Vertical Green Sand Foundry Video from Waupaca.

Posted by Hill and Griffith Company on Aug 15, 2017 2:50:09 PM

Great animation and excellent narration make this video of the vertical green sand foundry process easy to understand.


"Waupaca foundry has patented many improvements in the industry's vertical molding with regards to safety, quality, productivity, and reliability. Our innovative thinking is a large part of how we've lead the industry in delivering consistent, high-quality castings. The vertical green sand molding process begins with a silica sand, clay, and water mixture that is forced into the molding chamber with compressed air. The sand is squeezed under intense pressure, creating a mold with both the strength and hardness to retain its shape.


This video can be viewed on Waupaca's site.


A mold with superior hardness and strength reduces processing in the finishing department and allows savings to be passed on to the customer. After the mold is formed our custom machines allow synchronized movement of the ram and swing to correctly position the mold then move out of its path as it passes through to the next operation. This optimized step creates efficiencies that reduce total manufacturing costs. The ram pushes the mold out of the chamber to be joined with the last mold produced. With the aid of the precision mold conveyor, the ram now indexes the entire stack of molds by one mold thickness. Another optimized innovation.


In preparation for the next mold to be made the ram retracts, followed closely by the swing. These movements happen simultaneously to increase productivity, resulting in large output advantages per day. Finally they both move back to their start position, ready to produce another mold. Cores are placed between the mold cavities to produce the desired casting shape. A filter is also placed in the mold to smooth the form of iron, enhancing the quality of the finished product.


Railed sections of conveyor transport the molds to and from the pouring zone. One set of rails support the mold stack while the other moves. The movement is synchronized with the ram to precisely move the molds to the pour unit. Hydraulic cylinders move the conveyor, transporting the molds to shake out for sand removal followed by casting cooling. As we build new equipment, we are constantly looking to add innovative features that improve safety, quality, productivity, and reliability. That's why Waupaca Foundry has become and will remain an industry leader. Learn how to improve your casting quality while reducing costs. Attend our industry leading foundry 101."


Learn more about Waupaca Foundry's custom built vertical molding machines and its molding process, which requires extremely high pressure and speed—while at the same time guaranteeing exacting precision to create the highest quality castings visit WaupacaFoundry.com.


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