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CONTCOTE™ 257 Permanent Mold Coating

Large Metal Foundry and Die CastingPermanent Mold Coating for Diecasting Foundry

CONCOTE™ 257 is a dilutable permanent mold coating formulated with special refractories, binders, wettng agents, and preservatives. When dried CONCOTE™ 257 provides a thin continuous film between the surface of the die and the casting.CONCOTE™ 257 is an outstanding insulating coating for aluminum alloys.


  • Fair Surface Finish
  • Prevents Premature Die Failure
  • Good Visibility on Die
  • Anti-Weld Properties
  • Easily Applied
  • Excellent Insulation

Typical Product Data*

Solids:                          51.0%

Density (Lbs./Gal.):      12.2

Color:                           Brown to Tan

Refractories:                 Mica, Vermiculite, Talc, Aluminum Dioxide

*These values are not intended for use in preparing specifications. 


CONCOTE™ 257 is supplied in concentrated form and can be diluted to any desired concentration depending on the application with water. Generally, the dilution starting pointing (Water to Coating by weight): 

Application                                    Dilution

Base Coat                                       1:2

Use Recommendations

CONCOTE™ 257 is a medium insulating coating providing fair surface finish for aluminum alloys. CONCOTE™ 257 is generally used as a riser coating and has shown excellent coating life. Any permanent mold coating should be mixed well before use and feezing avoided. For more application information see the Hill and Griffith general brochure on CONCOTE™ 200 products.

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