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The Hill and Griffith Company
1085 Summer Street - Cincinnati, OH 45204


The HILL and GRIFFITH Company Announces the Sale of Its Mineral Divisions in Cincinnati, Chicago, Burbank, OH and Birmingham, AL

To further strengthen its core competency with proprietary industrial chemicals including release agents and specialty products for the metal, concrete and other diversified industries, The Hill and Griffith Company announces the sale of its mineral divisions in Cincinnati, OH, Chicago, IL, Burbank, OH and Birmingham, AL.

“This sale gives Hill and Griffith an opportunity to expand its business and relationships in the specialty products, lubricants, release agents and other diversified products and industries,” says Executive Vice President and COO David Greek Jr. “We are extremely excited about the future, and the opportunities that present themselves to further strengthen and grow our organization in fashions that have not been available in the past.”

Hill and Griffith will retain their Indianapolis manufacturing location and Cincinnati Summer Street Offices as well as their International Headquarters in Cold Springs, KY. Manufacture of Hill and Griffith products will continue at the Indianapolis, Birmingham and Burbank locations, with distribution available from all the historic locations.

The sale includes Hill and Griffith’s line of Premix®, Carbonite®, Seacoal and Kwik-Flo®. These products will continue to be available to customers as in the past. Customers can continue to expect the same high level of service and quality. Hill and Griffith will continue to manufacture all the other products under the Hill and Griffith name.

The Hill and Griffith Company’s strategic focus will remain the same. Hill and Griffith will continue to expand its strategic partnerships as well as its commitment to its core industries through offering innovative, high quality products and superior customer service. Hill and Griffith will continue to stay on the leading edge of innovation producing environmentally sound release agents, coatings, partings, lubricants, hydraulic fluids, core oils and specialty products for the metal casting, specialty lubricant, release agent and concrete industries. HG Logistics LLC will also continue to provide logistics, transportation, freight and shipping services. In the near future, Hill and Griffith will also represent a complete line of safety products, which will further allow them to be a more complete supplier to their customers.

Established in 1896, The Hill and Griffith Company is recognized as a quality leader in such specialty industries as green sand metal casting, die casting, permanent mold casting, squeeze casting and concrete casting.

For more information about this sale or any of the Hill and Griffith Company’s products or services, please contact David Greek Jr.

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