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Company Profile:

The HILL and GRIFFITH Company

In 1896 when John Hill founded the Hill and Griffith Company, the concept of quality was adopted. He stated, "Hill and Griffith feels that the integrity of the company must be represented in the products and services bearing our names and labels." Today, this tradition still lives on.

Since it was founded, The Hill and Griffith Company has been recognized for many firsts. We have contributed form mold release agents, and metal and concrete casting lubricants to the industry. With ongoing investment in research and development, Hill and Griffith has achieved unparalleled leadership with the introduction of new technologies, as well as quality supplies.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to continually improve the company’s products and services in a manner that will meet or exceed our customers’ needs and expectations.

Active Supporters and Participants of:

  • American Foundry Society
  • Cast Metals Institute
  • CISA (Casting Industry Suppliers Association)
  • Ductile Iron Society
  • FEF (Foundry Education Foundation)
  • Indiana Cast Metals Association
  • NADCA (North American Die Casting Association)
  • NAM (National Association of Manufacturers)
  • NPCA (National Precast Concrete Association)
  • Ohio Cast Metals Association

Manufacturing and Warehouse Locations

    • Cincinnati, OH
    • Indianapolis, IN
    • Birmingham, AL
    • Charlotte, NC
    • Delafield, WI

WORLDWIDE distribution includes: The United States, Canada, Mexico, Central and South America, Europe and the Pacific Rim.

New Products And Processes

Product improvements and the introduction of new products are the result of our dedication to research and development. Custom blending formulas are processed using our state-of-the-art, computer-controlled, high-tech equipment. Our strong industry network provides the insight for recognizing a need while our experience in processing and manufacturing technologies provides the means to fill the need. New products are never released to the market without having extensive testing and trials completed at research foundries and universities.

Our research and development staff has introduced several new products and continues to be one of the sources of problem resolution for the casting industries. In addition, our plant expansions and manufacturing upgrades have provided us the best in process capabilities to meet your casting requirements.

Quality Program

Our experience and the requirements of our "Hill and Griffith Quality Program" produce the industry's most consistent and highest quality products. Hill and Griffith has received substantial recognition via customer quality awards.

SPC & Certification

Hill and Griffith utilizes state-of-the-art statistical process control measures to monitor, verify and document product quality.

Warehousing Facilities

Direct sales warehouse facilities are strategically located in Birmingham, Alabama; Charlotte, NC; Cincinnati, Ohio; Indianapolis, Indiana; and Milwaukee, Wisconsin. These locations allow you to take advantage of our customized and reliable on-time delivery program.

Sales Commitment

Our current staff of direct sales people and 19 distributor organizations achieves complete coverage of the North American metal casting industry. You can be certain of Hill and Griffith's rapid response to meet and exceed your expectations.


Hill and Griffith's aggressive, ongoing research and development effort means customers receive cost effective, innovative and environmentally sound products. Our commitment to quality and productivity is unmatched.

Electronic Data Processing

Another example of our service-oriented approach to business is our EDI system. This paperless transaction capability makes on-line reordering quick, easy and economical, and is available today from Hill and Griffith.


Helping you succeed is our business. Support programs at Hill and Griffith can be conducted at your facility or ours and include seminars on multiple sand casting and casting defects. With hands-on assistance in your foundry, and access to our comprehensive video library and training aids, we are always available to work with you.

Hydraulic Fluids and Specialty Industrial Lubricants

Griflube® Hydraulic Fluids biodegradable, flame-resistant and high-pressure hydraulic fluids
Griflube® Slide-Way 68 & 220 Lubricants formulated using severely hydrotreated napthenic base oils and state-of-the-art additives


Metalworking Fluids

Grifcut™ Metalworking Fluids heavy-duty synthetic and semi-synthetic metalworking fluids



Murphy Spray Gun rugged cast iron high-solids, sprayer that can stand up to rough treatment and still provide a reliable pattern.
Pump Up Sprayer 3.5-gallon spray unit, funnel top tank for easy fill and closure


Bulletins and Technical Papers

Forms for requesting product bulletins and technical papers


Customer Service

Technical Services and Support - On-site casting defect investigations, product testing, machine start-ups and much more. Also, lab facilities are available to provide testing upon request.

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Packaging & Logistics

Custom Packaging
HG Logistics LLC


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