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Plunger Lube™ 678 Graphite Bearing Plunger Lubricant

Plunger illustration for die casting lubricants pageHigh-viscosity, Graphite Bearing Plunger Lubricant for Special Diecasting Foundry Applications

Plunger Lube™ 678 is an oil-based product providing high amounts of graphite for extreme die casting applications where a high viscosity lubricant is desired or required. The Hill and Griffith Company has designed this lubricant for good performance at slow plunger speeds or in situations where prolonged contact with metal is likely to occur.

The carefully and consistently blended Plunger Lube™ 678 provides the necessary lubricating functions for the shot sleeve and tip in severe applications.  The Hill and Griffith Company, to control uniformity and dependability in the product, which is shipped ready to use, formulate the lubricant from base materials.  Plunger Lube™ 678 is both economical and efficient.

Although the formulation contains pigment anti-settling agents and other performance enhancing additives, some settling may be experienced over a period of time. Stirring may be desirable in cases of long storage time.

This product is easily applied to the plunger tip with a swab, brush, or lube dispenser. The composition is not conducive to spraying unless pre-heated.

The Hill and Griffith Company's family of Plunger Lube™ products afford a wide selection of plunger lubricants designed for use on aluminum die casting machines. The products are generally non-corrosive, but specific applications may suggest adding more or different corrosion inhibitors.  These products are compatible with many other plunger lubes and additives. However, any mixtures should be checked before being put into factory use, since some precipitation of graphite and other additives may result.


Product Description

A proprietary blend of high viscosity petroleum oils, graphite and other additives designed for use as a plunger lubricant under conditions where high viscosity is desired or required.

Typical Properties*

Base Oil
Color Black
State @ 25 degrees C Heavy, thick liquid
Density 9.6 lbs/Gal
Pigment Graphite
Graphite content 25-30 %
Flash Point >560oF
Viscosity: @100o F.    31,000 S.U.S.
@200o F.      -700 S.U.S.

* These are typical properties and should not be used as control specifications.

Health & Safety

All reasonable care has been taken to ensure that the information contained in this publication is accurate as the date of printing, however, such information might change due to changes in the formulation blend occurring subsequent to the date of printing. The MSDS must be consulted for appropriate information regarding storage, safe handling and storage.

Contact us for product information or request bulletins and technical papers.

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