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Concrete Form Release Agents - Grifcote® and Cast-O-Magic®

Industry Leading Performance and Quality from Hill and Griffith Concrete Form Release Agents

Our concrete form release agent product lines, Grifcote® and Cast-O-Magic® are fast drying, readily and inherently biodegradable. Trained technicians are available to visit your site, determine your needs and design the right product for you.

The Hill and Griffith Company offers the concrete industry readily biodegradable concrete form release agents that are VOC-compliant and NSF-certified.

Grifcote® and Cast-O-Magic® concrete casting products include the most widely used concrete form release agents in the United States, Canada and in Puerto Rico, and are commonly used on precast, prestressed and poured-in-place applications among others.

The Grifcote Concrete Form Release Agent Line Up


The Cast-O-Magic Concrete Form Release Agent Line Up


Concrete Casting News

Concrete Casting News

Concrete form release products and concrete casting supplies from Cast-O-Magic are now available through Hill and Griffith

The Hill and Griffith Company recently acquired the Cast-O-Magic Concrete Form Release Agent product lines from Rostine Manufacturing & Supply, Inc., of Springfield, Mo. The purchase contributes to Hill and Griffith's market share growth and strongly fits within our core product range. Please contact our sales service department at 513-921-1075 or orders@hillandgriffith.com for more information.

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