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GRIFCOTE® LV-SUPER* Concrete Form Release Agent

Concrete Form Release Agent that is Readily Biodegradable

GRIFCOTE® LV-SUPER* is a proprietary blend of vegetable oil base stock (renewable resources) and a highly refined petroleum distillate while incorporating additional reactive materials resulting in superior form release technology. GRIFCOTE® LV--SUPER* promotes clean and easy separation from all types of forms while deterring build-up and sticking. The natural ingredients contained in GRIFCOTE® LV-SUPER* create a metallic soap that reduces bonding/adhesion, while promoting quick and clean stripping. This release agent provides maximum performance to precast concrete, prestressed concrete, poured walls, and all other concrete forming processes. GRIFCOTE® SUPER* can be used with dry and wet cast operations, packerhead or vibratory.


GRIFCOTE® LV-SUPER* is non-staining and works well with white, gray or colored concrete. Bug holes are minimal due to the metallic soap formed after the casting process that minimizes adherence of air to vertical sidewalls, allowing free air to rise more easily to the surface. The release characteristics are enhanced with the formation of the metallic soap, which also minimizes cleaning of forms and pallets/headers after stripping.


Biodegradability—GRIFCOTE® LV-SUPER* is classified as readily biodegradable with a half-life of less than 28 days based on University of Kentucky studies. (EPA regulations require that a material have a half-life of 28 days or less to be considered readily biodegradable. ASTM D5864/OECD 301B)

  concrete junction made using grifcote concrete form release agent

Application: **

Form surfaces should be dry and free from concrete build-up before GRIFCOTE® LV-SUPER* is applied. No mixing or dilution is necessary prior to use. Application may be done using conventional or airless spraying equipment, rollers, mops, wipe-on or any other conventional method of applying form release agents. Over-application should be avoided to prevent runs or puddles, which will create voids in the finished concrete surface.

GRIFCOTE® LV-SUPER* should be applied as thin as possible, (preferably less than 5-mil [.005 in.]) to help avoid the possibility of surface voids. On new wood forms (untreated) application should be 300-400 feet per gallon. On seasoned wood forms, application should be at the rate of 500-700 square feet per gallon. Conventional plywood forms, at a rate of 800-1000 square feet per gallon. On high density coated plywood forms, metal forms (steel and aluminum), rate of application will be up to 2500 square feet per gallon, with 1800 square feet per gallon being typical.


Technical Data:

Color  Deep yellow to brown
Odor  Moderate
Flash Point >300° F ASTM Method D-56 (closed cup)
Viscosity 20.5 cps @ 21° C (Brookfield)
Specific Gravity  0.86 g/ml
Water Solubility Nil
Application Rate  300 ft² to 3000 ft² per gallon depending on method of application and type of form being used. See ** above.
VOC Compliant***  Yes—Has considerably less than 250 g/L based on EPA Method 24
Shelf Life 2 years

A Material Safety Data Sheet should be reviewed prior to application for safety equipment that may be needed.

***Volatile Organic Compound Data

Effective September 13, 1999, the United States Environmental Protection Agency has issued VOC limitations on concrete form release agents. Reference to these regulations can be found in the Federal Register, Vol. 63, no. 176, Friday, September 11, 1998 under 40 CFR-59, [AD-FRL-6149-7], RIN 2060-AE55, National Volatile Organic Compound Emission Standards for Architectural Coatings, pages 48848-48887. GRIFCOTE® Bio Gold is in compliance with these regulations and contains considerably less than 2.1 lbs. per gallon/250 grams per liter of VOC compounds based on EPA Method 24.

GRIFCOTE® LV-SUPER* is in compliance with all VOC regulations in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and Mexico..


All material containers should be kept tightly closed to avoid contamination. Drums and pails should be kept in a vertical position. Material should be stored in a protected area. Do not store material in unlined metal containers (brass, bronze, copper, ductile, malleable or gray iron, mild steel or aluminum). Material should be stored in plastic containers, lined containers or stainless steel containers.

** Application rates will vary depending on forms and application method.

  Bulletins and  Technical Papers

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