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Griflube Bio-Syn Hydraulic Fluid

High Performance Biodegradable Hydraulic Fluid

In response to an increased awareness and desire for environmentally compatible lubricants, Hill and Griffith has developed the GRIFLUBE® BIO-SYN as a high performance biodegradable hydraulic fluid, offering superior oxidation stability. This advanced product technology not only conforms to the highest standards for low toxicity and biodegradability; but was specifically designed for the casting industry, where the reliability of hydraulic systems and the potential for combustion are typically of issue.

GRIFLUBE® BIO-SYN will provide superior lubrication and extended oxidation stability in all types of foundry equipment from Ajax, Brown Boveri, and Inductotherm melt furnaces to Disa, Herman, Hunter, Osborn, Sinto, Spo, and Wagner molding systems to Lamberton, Clansman, EMI, and Action manipulators. ASTM D2882 testing registers less than 4 mg total ring/vane weight loss.

GRIFLUBE® BIO-SYN was researched and designed as the proactive alternative to conventional vegetable oil based and traditional polyol-ester type fire resistant fluids. It is fully compatible with both types of chemistry, inclusive of Houghton’s Cosmolubric and Quaker’s Quintolubric series of hydraulic fluids.

GRIFLUBE® BIO-SYN will readily biodegrade as defined by OECD 301C and CEC method L-33-T-82, easily exceeding 60% biological conversion of CH3 - CH2 molecular groups to CO2 within 7 days. It will also pass the existing standards for safe aquatic toxicity, established at a minimum LD50 of 1000ppm, exceeding a minimum LD50 level of 2000ppm concentration over a period of 96 hours.

GRIFLUBE® BIO-SYN is inherently fire resistant and will not propagate a flame but will self-extinguish once the source of ignition has been eliminated. It has a Flash Point in excess of 550° F and a Fire Point in excess of 650° F.. Bio-Syn is certified by Factory Mutual, in accordance with their latest Spray Flammability Parameter standards for 2006.

GRIFLUBE® BIO-SYN has a minimum viscosity index of 215 which allows for maximum stability of the viscosity over an extreme range of temperatures, with a minimum pour point down to 0° F. Bio-Syn will not shear down or selectively deplete.

GRIFLUBE® BIO-SYN is compatible with most commonly used elastomers, including Viton, Teflon, Silicone, Polyurethane, and high nitrile rubber Buna N.

Typical Physical Properties

Appearance Translucent Amber Fluid
Specific Gravity 0.92
Viscosity Index, DIN 51564 > 215
ISO Viscosity Grade 42
Viscosity, SUS @ 100°F 205 SUS
Stable Pour Point, D97 < 0° F
Total Acid Number < 1
Flash Point, C.O.C., D92 > 550° F
Fire Point, C.O.C., D92 >650° F
Pump Wear, D2882 < 4mg total wear
Corrosion Test, D665A Pass
Copper Strip, D130 1a
Non-Toxic, OECD 203 Pass

Elastomer Compatibility:

  Static Dynamic
High Nitrile Rubber (Buna N) Compatible Compatible
Fluro-elastomer (Vition) Compatible Compatible
Polyurethane Compatible Compatible
Teflon Compatible Compatible
Silicone Compatible Compatible

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