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Cast-O-Magic® Consolver Concrete Dissolver and Remover

consolver biodegradable environmentally-friendly concrete dissolverConsolver Concrete Dissolver and Remover

Consolver Concrete Remover is a biodegradable, environmentally friendly concrete remover for the toughest concrete removal jobs. It is specially formulated for the ready-mix, precast, pipe, and block industries. The cherry-scented, sugar-based product is safe for equipment, vehicles, tools, and workers, yet fast acting on concrete and lime.

Cast-O-Magic® Consolver Sugar-Derived Concrete Cleaner

The most Biodegradable and Environmentally-Friendly Concrete Remover

  • Sugar-based Concrete Remover
  • Safe for Equipment and Fleet Vehicles
  • Will not Etch Glass
  • Safe for Metal
  • Better Employee Safety
  • Cherry-Scented
  • Non-Irritating
  • Fast-Acting on Concrete and Lime
  • Deswcales and Cleans



  • Apply Consolver to vehicle, equipment, or tools undiluted
  • Apply by spraying area to be cleaned starting at  the bottom and working upwards.
  • Allow cleaner to penetrate and dissolve concrete for five minutes.
  • Reapply for heavy concrete.
  • Rinse clean with fresh, high-pressure water from a power washer.
  • Safe for use on glass, painted surfaces, aluminum, chrome, or steel.

Consolver Concrete Dissolver Sizes



Consolver Concrete Remover is available in 55, 5, and 1 gallon containers. It is also available in disposable or recyclable 275 gallon Magic-Pak.


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Bulletins and Technical Papers

“How To Lose A Customer in 10+ Easy Ways”, by Bob Waterloo, HG Distribution Manager
“How Safe & Legal Is Your Concrete Form Release Agent?”, by Bob Waterloo, HG Distribution Manager
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