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Plunger Lube™ 694 Oil-based Plunger Lubricant

Plunger illustration for die casting lubricants pageEfficient, Economical Oil-based Plunger Lubricant for Diecasting Foundry

Plunger Lube™ 694 is an oil-based lubricant containing high amounts of graphite. It provides good lubrication, is non-corrosive, contains pigment and anti-settling agents plus other performance-enhancing additives. Quality and consistency are assured at Hill and Griffith where lubricants are formulated from basic raw materials (no pre-mixed additives are purchased).

Economical Plunger Lube™ 694 is recommended for use in simple to average operations, where a high viscosity lubricant is neither required nor desired. It can be applied either by swabbing or by spraying for maximum simplicity and ease. The product is shipped ready to use, with no further mixing required.

Plunger Lube™ 694 is compatible with many other plunger lubes and additives. Certain of these, however, may precipitate the graphite and other additives, so that any mixture with other materials should be thoroughly checked before it is put into factory use. 

Other normal procedures recommended include agitation or rolling of the drum prior to use to alleviate the minimal settling which may occur. (Observe safety precautions for hands and feet). For best results, store lubricants between 40 degrees and 80 degrees Fahrenheit and rotate the stock in such manner that the oldest drums are used first. Under these common operating procedures, Plunger Lube™ 694 may be your most efficient lubricant choice for most operations.


Product Description

A proprietary blend of medium viscosity petroleum oils, graphite and other additives, designed for general use under average conditions. The product is fully formulated and ready to use. 

Typical Characteristics

Form Oil base, liquid
Color Black
Odor Slight
Density 9.04 lbs/Gal
Pigment content Graphite
Graphite content

25-30 %

Flash Point >400oF
Viscosity: @100o F. -  2,000 S.U.S.
@200o F. - 200 S.U.S.

* These are typical properties and should not be used as control specifications.


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Bulletins and Technical Papers

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