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GRIFLUBE® AQUATECH FR 200 Hydraulic Fluid

Fire resistant hydraulic fluid

AQUATECH FR 200 is a diethylene glycol based fire resistant fluid for use in high-pressure gear and piston pump applications where fire resistancy is either recommended or required. It will ensure sufficient protection for all types of hydraulic operations from excessive wear, while providing corrosion inhibition in the fluid immersed areas of the system and vapor spaces where condensation will typically take place.

Product Application

Any hydraulic equipment, which is operated at or near a source of ignition, is a potential fire hazard if hydraulic fluid leaks from the system. The fire resistancy of this product is attributable to the presence of approximately 40% by volume of water. When contacting a hot surface, the water acts as a cooling agent and any steam formed helps to displace oxygen from the immediate area. As a water based fluid, AQUATECH FR 200 will easily meet and exceed the latest established requirements for a less hazardous hydraulic fluid as dictated by Factory Mutual Research. Applications such as metal die-casting equipment, continuous casters, hot strip mills, slag granulators, furnace and oven doors, welding machines, and any handling devices for molten metal, are primary examples of operations which may necessitate AQUATECH for the ultimate safety of personnel.

Product Performance and Features

AQUATECH FR 200 is foam resistant and shear stable. This product was researched and designed to pass a rigorous 2000 psi Vickers vane pump evaluation, and will handle pressures up to 3000 psi. It has a high viscosity index of 150 which allows for significant temperature fluctuation, ensuring exceptional low temperature fluidity and easier startup at temperatures down to minus 18° C. AQUATECH has the inherent stability to withstand successive freeze/thaw cycles without additive separation and offers enhanced film strength and anti-wear properties to maintain dependable lubrication. Typical operational benefits are as follows:

  • Superior fire resistancy by virtue of its water content
  • Exceptional corrosion protection in the liquid and vapor phase
  • Inherent true solution stability, ensuring against any separation
  • Outstanding heat dissipation properties and low temperature operation
  • Compatibility with most elastomers, including high nitrile and neoprene
  • Compatibility with all premium water glycol technologies

Physical Characteristics of AQUATECH FR 200

Appearance  Clear Red
Specific Gravity 1.09
Viscosity Index 150
Viscosity, cSt @ 40C 41
Viscosity, SUS @ 100°F 200
Density, lbs/gal 9.05
Water Content, % 40
Flash Point, oF none
Pour Point, oF -50
Pump Wear, D2882 < 4mg total wear
pH 9.6

Product Maintenance 

AQUATECH FR 200 should be monitored to maintain a viscosity range of 180 to 220 SUS at 100° F. AQUATECH increases in viscosity when the water content is lowered and decreases in viscosity when water is added. The ideal system operating temperature should be held under 120° F, while temperatures that exceed 130° F should be avoided to prevent accelerated water loss and the reduction of vapor phase corrosion inhibition. Water adjustment, as established by measurement of viscosity and refractometer, should only made with deionized, reverse osmosis, boiler condensate, or distilled water.

Proper filtration of particulate matter and tramp oils, along with periodic checks of reserve alkalinity, pH, and viscosity are essential for a well- maintained fluid. Our lab will help support and facilitate these preventive maintenance checks and procedures, as deemed necessary, to ensure the optimal integrity of both the fluid and the system.

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