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Your Reliable, High-Quality Solutions Partner for Your Metalcasting & Manufacturing Operations

Home Mission
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As a trusted blending solutions provider, we have collaborated for 125 years with our foundry, concrete and die casting industry customers to develop the highest quality customized product solutions for these markets.  

Our focus is on quality and service to ensure our customers and the industries we serve achieve success and growth.  


Our high-quality and ready-to-use die lubricants are formulated to promote clean dies and increase productivity.

Whether you are looking for products for your core room or molding department operations, or require high-quality release agents, we will deliver.

Through our Grifcote or  Cast-O-Magic release agents, we address customer applications including architectural, concrete pipe, construction, pre-cast or pre-stress.

Explore the GrifLube family of high-performing hydraulic fluids that can be applied in numerous types of hydraulic operations.

We offer a wide array of metalworking fluids for your machining applications including metal removal, cleaners, and more.


It is all about meeting each of our customers' unique needs, whether that be custom packaging or custom liquid blending.


Take advantage of our industry and leaders and technical experts.

With experience in concrete, foundry, die casting, permanent mold, hydraulic fluids, and machining fluids, we have a proven track record of working with our customers to solve their manufacturing challenges and improve efficiencies.

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