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Hill & Griffith metalcasting, die casting and concrete casting products
Metal casting foundry and concrete form release products and supplies

124 Years of Quality Green Sand Casting, Die Casting, and Concrete Casting Products

The Hill and Griffith Company was founded in 1896 in Birmingham, Alabama, by John Hill and Tom Griffith. Since this beginning, Hill and Griffith has grown to support the growth of the metal casting and concrete casting industries of North America.

Hill and Griffith is and continues to be recognized as a leading quality supplier to industry. In fact, John Hill stated, "Hill and Griffith believes the integrity of the company is represented in the quality and value of the people, products and services bearing our name." This approach has resulted in Hill and Griffith being recognized with quality awards and certified supplier approvals.

Green Sand Foundry Products

Metal Casting Foundry SuppliesThe Hill and Griffith Company offers a full line of release agents, coatings, partings, core pastes and coagulants for green sand, foundry applications. Hill and Griffith’s products help achieve EPA MACT standards and reduce benzene emissions.

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Die Casting, Squeeze Casting & Permanent Mold Products

Die Casting ProductsOur die casting products represent the latest in technology, ongoing research and die casting, squeeze casting and permanent mold-release techniques that will enhance your competitiveness.

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Concrete Form Release Agents and other Concrete Release Products

Concrete Casting ChemicalsThe Hill and Griffith Company offers a full line of VOC compliant concrete form release agents under their GRIFCOTE® brand, which improve spray performance and cold weather stability. GRIFCOTE® biodegradable and renewable concrete form release agents are non-staining and will reduce bug holes.

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Hydraulic Fluids and Industrial Lubricants

hydraulic fluids and metalworking lubricantsThe Hill and Griffith Company offers a full line of hydraulic fluids under its GRIFLUBE® line. GRIFLUBE® products include anti-wear, biodegradable, fire resistant, moisture resistant, high pressure, extreme temperature hydraulic fluids and metalworking lubricant.

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Custom Packaging

bulk packagingThe Hill and Griffith Company offers custom packaging, blending and intermodal transportation services for bulk materials such as powder, clay, rock, aggregate, minerals, liquids, pharmaceuticals and chemicals. Freight is received in railcars or trucks, custom packaged, and then shipped in trucks, super sacks or paper bags.

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HG Logistics LLC

logisticsThe Hill and Griffith Company introduces HG Logistics LLC, providing a consistent resource for all its customers' freight shipping needs. The home fleet database includes: flatbeds, step decks, double drops, RGNs and vans, and provides all types of freight services, including: heavy haul, specialized projects, oversized loads and "regular" shipments of any kind. HG Logistics' extensive resources and experience across North America extend HG Logistics service area throughout Canada and Mexico. In addition, HG Logistics provides competitive rates on the large LTL shipments.

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Hydraulic Fluids and Specialty Industrial Lubricants

Griflube® Hydraulic Fluids biodegradable, flame-resistant and high-pressure hydraulic fluids
Griflube® Slide-Way 68 & 220 Lubricants formulated using severely hydrotreated napthenic base oils and state-of-the-art additives


Metalworking Fluids

Grifcut™ Metalworking Fluids heavy-duty synthetic and semi-synthetic metalworking fluids



Murphy Spray Gun rugged cast iron high-solids, sprayer that can stand up to rough treatment and still provide a reliable pattern.
Pump Up Sprayer 3.5-gallon spray unit, funnel top tank for easy fill and closure


Bulletins and Technical Papers

Forms for requesting product bulletins and technical papers


Customer Service

Technical Services and Support - On-site casting defect investigations, product testing, machine start-ups and much more. Also, lab facilities are available to provide testing upon request.

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Packaging & Logistics

Custom Packaging
HG Logistics LLC


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