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CONCOTE™ Products for Magnesium Applications

Large Metal Foundry and Die Casting

Diecasting Foundry Mold Coatings for Work with Magnesium Alloys

This family of Hill and Griffith CONCOTE™ products is specifically designed for permanent mold applications when Magnesium alloys are used to produce cast parts. These products are formulated with special refractories, binder, wetting agents, and additives that allow for the high qulity of cast surfaces. CONCOTE™ products provide a thin continuous film between the surface of the die and the castings when both single and multi-layer applications are required!

CONCOTE™ MGB 6100 can be used as either a single coat or as a bottom coat for multi-layer applications. It is formulated with a blend of minerals containing fluorspar, red iron oxide, titanium dioxide and other materials that allow for an ideally coated surface. CONCOTE™ MGB 6100 can be diluted to 1 part CONCOTE™ MGB 6100 to 2 parts purified water as a starting point for desired application. 

CONCOTE™ MAG 669 is a specially formulated permanent mold coating that is designed to be used as a top coat for consumers of a multi-layer coating system. CONCOTE™ MAG 669 is manufactured with high purity raw materials that include minerals, natural and synthetic waxes, wetting agents and dispersing agents combined in a water extendable system. The CONCOTE™ MGB 669 is shipped as a ready to use product. It is not recommended to dilute this product. However, if it is necessary to dilute the product purified water is preferred.


  • Desired Surface Finish
  • Good Release Properties
  • Prevents Premature Die Failure
  • Anti-Weld Properties
  • Easily Applied

Use and Handling

Storeage of CONCOTE™ MGB 6100 & MAG 669 should be at room temperature and freezing avoided.
The Material Safety Data Sheet should be consulted before use and all safety precautions followed. 

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