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Glook™ Pot, Ladle, and Tool Coatings

Large Metal Foundry and Die CastingPot, Ladle, and Tool Coatings for Diecasting Foundry Applications

The Hill and Griffith Company GLOOK™ products are formulated with special refractories, binders, suspension agents, and preservatives. Some are ready-to-use; thereby, eliminating inconsistencies of the homemade type. Others are easily diluted or dispersed in water to form stable suspensions. Both types are easy to use and provide excellent bonding characteristics.


  • Easy to use
  • Stable Suspensions
  • Excellent refractory properties
  • Extend tool life
  • Prevents ferrous and non-ferrous pick-up
  • Economical

Typical Product Data

(These values are not intended for use in preparing specifications).

  120 220 221
Non-volatile Matter % 50 30  95
Density, lbs./gal. 16.0 10.5 n/a
Color Red Brown Red Brown Red Brown
Storage Stability (in original container) 2 years 2 years 2 years
Diluent water water water


GLOOK™ products are general-purpose ladle and pot coatings, and can be applied by any conventional method such as dipping, swabbing, brushing, or spraying. A general description of the application of GLOOK™ products is given in the directions for use section.

Directions For Use

GLOOK™ products may be used as received or diluted with water as listed in the section on Handling Suggestions. The working end of the tool or ladle to be coated should be warmed and plunged into the well-stirred GLOOK™ product. Extension of the coating can be made by brushing or swabbing. Coatings should be renewed as needed. Several thin coats give better results than a single thick coat. The coating should be completely dry and the tool or ladle absolutely free from moisture before bringing the coated tool into contact with molten metal.

Handling Suggestions

GLOOK™ products are washes designed to extend the useful life of steel pots, ladles and tools used for pouring aluminum. The following recommendations should aid in the most efficient use of GLOOK™ products.

Surface Preparation

Ladles or tools should be dry, clean and free of oil and grease. Sand blasting is a good cleaning method, as it also slightly roughens the surface, improving wash adherence.

Use Recommendations

GLOOK™ 120 is a ready-to-use product or may be diluted up to 1 to 5 with water.

GLOOK™ 220 is a ready-to-use product or may be diluted up to 1 to 5 with water.

GLOOK™ 221 is a wettable powder and should be mixed 1 pound to 1 pint of water or 8 pounds to 1 gallon of water. Thorough mixing is important in any dilution. The final product consistency should be that of a slurry.

Surface Wetting

Should any difficulties be encountered in wetting the tool or ladle surface, 2 - 4 drops of a common liquid detergent per 5 gallons of finished wash will usually provide wetting of hard-to-wet (oily) surfaces.


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