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EZ Kote™ 65 Foundry Core and Mold Coating

metal cast partsFoundry Core and Mold Coating for Green Sand Metalcasting Foundry

Hill and Griffith EZ KOTE™ core and mold coating are water based refractory coating formulated for ferrous and non-ferrous castings. The formulation permits the product to be used on small intricate cores up to heavy cores and molds. Also used on cores for hydraulic valve castings, water-cooling jackets and gas ports where clean unrestricted passageways are required.


  • Vivid white color shows complete coverage, eliminates uncoated areas on core and mold surfaces. Excellent flow properties eliminate brush marks.
  • Remains white after drying.
  • Provides refractoriness up to 3000oF.
  • Protection at sand-metal interface provides a smooth casting finish.
  • Smooth, white slurry is easily mixed with water to working Baumeo.
  • Prevents burn on, burn in, metal penetration problems.
  • Anti-sag properties resist tearing on vertical sidewalls or puddling in pockets.
  • Excellent wetting power provides deep penetration into and behind sand surface. Core and mold surfaces should be free of oily deposits.
  • Low coefficient of expansion resists thermal shock.
  • Provides excellent sand peel and smooth casting finish under the most severe conditions.
  • Excellent coating for styrofoam patterns used in full mold process.
  • Can be air dried, oven dried, or soft flame torch dried.
  • No shrinkage after drying.
  • Excellent shelf life, does not deteriorate during storage.
  • EZ KOTE™ 65 application reduces cleaning room expenses.
  • Excellent freeze/thaw stability.
  • Quick clean up with soap and water.
  • For use with all core practices-no bakes, shell; hot box, cold box, oil and sodium silicate.
  • Provides excellent coverage for green and dry sand molds.

Mixing Information:

The product is manufactured as an easy to mix slurry. Add trim water to reach the desired baumeo. Minimal foam will result when the product is mixed in accordance with instructions. Use mechanical agitation for easy mixing. To assure quality performances use a vortexless mixerblade. Recommend frequent scheduled emptying of mixing vessels or storage tanks, followed by clean down, clear water rinsing to prevent contamination.



Airless sprayers use 0.43 orifice, thin mix for fine sand or light coat. Mix two (2) gallons of EZ KOTE™ 65 and one (1) gallon of water (50 Baumeo).


Standard Mix is five (5) gallons of EZ KOTE™ 65 and one (1) gallon of water (55 Baumeo).


Heavy Mix for very coarse sand or heavy coat, mix six (6) gallons of EZ-KOTE™ 65 and one (1) gallon of water (60 Baumeo).

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