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Klean Kast™ 2000*

metal cast partsMetalcasting Additive for Green Sand Metalcasting Foundry

Hill and Griffith KLEAN KAST™ 2000* is an organic dispersion used in Premix formulations in conjunction with Seacoal. This combination provides a complimentary reaction to achieve greater effectiveness than those additives used by themselves. The volatiles in KLEAN KAST™ 2000* release lustrous carbon upon contact with molten metal to assure superior casting quality.


  • 1 pound KLEAN KAST™ 2000* replaces 2 pounds of Seacoal
  • Cleaner foundry atmosphere
  • Increases sand compaction and mold density
  • Faster clay dispersion in mulling cycle
  • Lower ash buildup in recycling sand systems
  • Lowers temper water requirements of the sand
  • Micronized particles of KLEAN KAST™ 2000* diffuse rapidly into sand system
  • Increases Flowability
  • More Accurate casting dimensions
  • Low Level of Benzene Decomposition By-Product
  • Non-coking
  • Less smoke at pouring and shakeout
  • Compatible with all Premix formulations
  • Smooth, silky feel to system sand
  • Improves clay efficiency


The following procedure is recommended when converting a sand system to KLEAN KAST™ 2000*.

Prior to introduction of KLEAN KAST™ 2000*, retain several castings, typical of quality and finish for future reference. Determine the average range of the following properties.

  • % Compactibility
  • % Moisture
  • Total Combustible Content
  • % Volatile Matter Content
  • Green Compression Strength
  • Dry Compression Strength
  • Specimen Weight
  • Methylene Blue Clay
  • AFS Clay Content


  • Green Strength will increase, providing a correct clay-water ratio is maintained because KLEAN KAST™ 2000* preactivates the clays in Premix.
  • Combustible level may be substantially reduced.
  • The correct level of clays should be maintained either by Methylene Blue or Available Bond Tests.
  • Dry Compression Strength will increase unless moisture is maintained within established compactibility limits.
  • Hardness and weight of a standard 2" A. F. S. specimen will increase due to increased flowability.
  • As Seacoal and other combustibles are reduced by dilution, moisture requirements will be reduced. This occurs due to a reduction of the total surface area.

*Patent Number 5,587,008

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