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Grifcote® PR-SS-VOC Concrete Form Release Agent

Packerhead Pipe Concrete Release Agent

Grifcote PR-SS-VOC is specifically designed for Packerhead pipe operations and those really tough release jobs. Give us your toughest release challenge and we’ll recommend an economical solution.

Grifcote concrete form release agents are designed for specific industry applications including: precast, pipe, burial vault, prestressed and other similar applications.



How Grifcote works

      • All Grifcote products are chemically formulated to help reduce the formation of bug holes.

      • Reactive fatty acid and or methyl esters react with free lime on the surface of the concrete to form a metallic soap that eases separation from the form.

      • "5 Options for Concrete Form Release Dip Tank Maintenance" by Bob Waterloo, Precast Inc. Magazine May 2015
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      • "Form Release & The Law" by Bob Waterloo, Precast Inc. Magazine Jan/Feb 2008
        Download Article »
  concrete packerhead pipes made with concrete release agent

 Bulletins and Technical Papers for Concrete Casting Products

Hydraulic Fluids and Specialty Industrial Lubricants

Griflube® Hydraulic Fluids biodegradable, flame-resistant and high-pressure hydraulic fluids
Griflube® Slide-Way 68 & 220 Lubricants formulated using severely hydrotreated napthenic base oils and state-of-the-art additives


Metalworking Fluids

Grifcut™ Metalworking Fluids heavy-duty synthetic and semi-synthetic metalworking fluids



Murphy Spray Gun rugged cast iron high-solids, sprayer that can stand up to rough treatment and still provide a reliable pattern.
Pump Up Sprayer 3.5-gallon spray unit, funnel top tank for easy fill and closure


Bulletins and Technical Papers

“How To Lose A Customer in 10+ Easy Ways”, by Bob Waterloo, HG Distribution Manager
“How Safe & Legal Is Your Concrete Form Release Agent?”, by Bob Waterloo, HG Distribution Manager
“Proper Application of Concrete From Release Agents”, by Bob Waterloo, HG Distribution Manager

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Customer Service

Technical Services and Support - On-site casting defect investigations, product testing, machine start-ups and much more. Also, lab facilities are available to provide testing upon request.

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