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Checklist for Die Casting Process Evaluation

Regular reviews and benchmarks are important for successful die casting process evaluations

Hill and Griffith offers this helpful Die Casting Process Evaluation Form to submit your input. Our sales representatives will respond with suggestions for further on-site process surveys, casting defect investigations, product testing, tooling start-up programs, statistical process controls and much more. Also, lab facilities are available to provide testing upon request.

(A video by Flow Science, "Published on Aug 19, 2015, An HPDC simulation where fast shot is automatically triggered when the fluid reaches the gates. The triggering process is automated through the new Active Simulation Control feature that will be released in FLOW-3D v11.1 and FLOW-3D Cast v4.1.")

Here are the text fields of the Hill and Griffith Company Die Casting Process Evaluation Form.


Part Name


Finished Required (Paint or Plating)

__________________________________ Casting Alloy

__________________________________ Alloy Temperature in Holding Furnace


Weight of Casting

__________________________________ Manufacturer of the Machine



__________________________________ Die Alloy

__________________________________ Cavity: Single or Multiple

__________________________________ Die Temperature After Spray (Low)

__________________________________ Die Temperature Before Spray (High)

__________________________________ Is Die Internally Cooled? If so, Water or Oil?

__________________________________ Tip Size

__________________________________ Cycle Time

__________________________________ Fill Time

__________________________________ Intensification Rise Time

__________________________________ Intensification Pressure

__________________________________ Length of Intensification Time

__________________________________ Die Lubricant Manufacturer

__________________________________ Percent Solids in Die Lubricant Concentrate

__________________________________ Die Lubricant Ratio

__________________________________ Spray Time

__________________________________ Spray Volume

__________________________________ Spray Pressure

__________________________________ Other Observations or Comments

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