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Slag Set Slag Conditioner

metal cast partsSlag Conditioner for Green Sand Metalcasting Foundry

Hill and Griffith SLAG SET is a blend of excellent materials which gives improved results over the single mineral slag coagulants frequently used in the foundry industry. SLAG SET can be used with Iron, Brass and Bronze metals with fine results.


  • Can be used in Full Ladle or Added During Filling of Ladle
  • Can be Used as an Insulating Cover
  • Cost Effective    
  • Excellent Slag Coagulation

Typical Product Data*

Appearance:  Red Granular Powder
Main Component: Perlite Ore
*These values are not intended for use in preparing specifications.

Use Recommendations

SLAG SET is scattered on top of the metal in the full ladle. When SLAG SET is scattered on the metal surface a plastic sheet or pancake is formed which can be easily removed along with the entrapped slag, often in one piece. This characteristic has been particularly helpful in ductile iron practice. If an insulating cover is desired, a heavier layer of SLAG SET can be spread over the metal surface and left in place during pouring.


When using slag coagulants, try to get the coagulant in contact with the metal surface. Direct contact with soft slag residues on the empty ladle refractory should be avoided as this may result in entrapment of coagulant particles, which may break loose later. Also, it is important that this material is stored in a dry environment due to potential water absorption and potential safety hazards from steam generation at point of use.

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