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High Performance Vacuum Assist Die Casting Video

Today's video comes from KenWalt Die Casting. It highlights their unique vacuum assist die casting process for large zinc and aluminum parts. Vacuum assist gives you a denser casting with less chance of porosity.

"My father and my goal was always to make the best die casting. Not just make a die casting. Anybody can put metal in a pot and make a casting. Does it serve its function. Does it do its job. Does it give you the product you need and the sustainability of that product," states the current owner Ken Zaucha to start this tour of their facility.

KenWalt Die Casting Company is an Aluminum Die Casting and Zinc Die Casting machine process manufacturing foundry specializing in metal casting of all types of die cast metal castings. The aluminum die casting process uses aluminum die casting alloys and zinc die casting process uses zinc die casting metal alloys. Aluminum and zinc die casting machines produce precision die cast metal castings.

KenWalt Die Casting is an ISO certified die casting company and ITAR compliant die casting company located in Sun Valley Los Angeles Southern California USA.

The high pressure aluminum and zinc die casting process includes: 1. Aluminum die casting alloys 2. Aluminum die casting alloys 3. Zinc die casting alloys 4. Die casting design 5. Die casting injection die and mold design 6. Die casting process animation 7. Rapid prototype casting manufacturing 8. Cold chamber Aluminum die casting machine (up to 1200 tons) 9. Hot chamber Zinc die casting machine (up to 400 ton) 10. Aluminum die casting 11. Zinc die casting 12. Vacuum die casting 13. CNC machining of castings 14. Metal finishing 15. Assembly and packaging 16. From die cast design to finished products

Find out more about the aluminum die casting process and zinc die casting process and our unique vacuum die casting process at or

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