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Working with Grifcut 860 Metal Cutting Fluid Concentrate

GRIFCUT 860™ is a general purpose semi synthetic cutting fluid with extra corrosion inhibitors for better corrosion protection. It is designed for machining ferrous alloys. It is suitable for milling, drilling, reaming, tapping and general purpose machining. Not only does Grifcut 860 extend sump life, but it allows for excellent machining performance, and is an operator-friendly and stable emulsion.

Grifcut 860 is highly-suitable for mixed metal machining, and is recommended for light machining, moderate machining, and heavy duty machining at concentrations of 3-5%, 5-7%, and 7-10% respectively.

Typical Characteristics are:

  • Form: Liquid

  • Color: Blue

  • Odor: Slight

  • Flash Point: N/A

  • Refractometer Factor: 2.8

  • pH (5%): 9.6

  • Specific Gravity: 0.95

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